Sorority hazing fun with rush pledges made to wrestle naked in a pool in the afternoon sun

Here is a free picture gallery of one of my favourite submissions sent into hazeher.  It involves college pledges made to get naked oudside the dorm room and then marched like some military class upstairs where all the sorority sisters are waiting for them and they have set up a special little pool for the girls to wrestle in.  In the hot afternoon the rush pledges wrestle and when one girl gets a little out of line they even stick a dildo up her ass!  There is one particular blonde freshman in this hazing that I really like too with a nice body cute perky tits.


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Sorority hazing video | Freshmen play nude sport and eat pussy



When you are living the life in one of these college sororities you have to rely to on your sisters and do anything for them.  The bonds of sisterhood can never be broken and one fo the best ways to develop such bonds is by engaging in group activities such as this group of pledges who head out onto the sports field for a game of football.

This is just a small part of their sorority hazing and as a symbol of them showing they have nothing to hide from the group the girls are made to strip down to their panties and play a game of football.  Many of the girls have never played in their lives and are really quite terrible so the girls in charge of this hazing decide to change the rules and heat things up bit.

After a series of nude exercises the poor pledges need to be punished for the poor performance on the football ground and the lead sorority sister seems to have quite a deviant mind and takes advantage of the girls by making them eat her pussy.  Some of the women sit with their legs spread on the bench while their fellow pledges lick and finger their pussy while she watches on in amusement.

Sorority pledge scary movie hazing in the night



According to legend in 1947 at this very sorority a hazing went very wrong when 2 pledges went a little crazy from the torment of their hazing and massacred an entire group of fraternity brothers.  Tonight will be a test of the girls courage and strength as they are brought out to the same place  where it took place and made to perform the same rituals.  Surely the same crazy thing couldn’t happen twice right?

Of course the big sisters are just trying to scare the shit out of the poor new sorority pledges and have set them up to do just that, brought to a secluded area of the woods the girls have a hot sticky liquid poured all over their naked bodies and are made to wander in the dark where they find a gruesome discovery.  It’s true that fear can really heighten the emotions and for many girls it really turns them and and gets them so horny so that in the very house that these events took place so long ago the college girls engage in a wild lesbian fuck fest.

college girls naked and hazed

Rush pledges molested by lesbian during her college hazing and made to shower nude with sorority sister



I sometimes wonder how these girls who live in these Greek letter sororities manage to get any study done as it seems like college and university life for them is just one big debauched party.  In this submission sent into haze her one of the pledges to such an organisation explains to the camera her hazing experience during her initiation to an exclusive sorority and to show some of the sick stuff she has been put through she has set up hidden cameras to document it.

At one point she is trying to study dor an exam when is literally molested by one of her lesbian sorority sisters who walks up to her and begins to feel her up lifting up her shirt to grab her boobs and of course the poor pledge is forbidden to say anything and just has to sit there and take it.

Next one of the sorority sisters takes a new pledge into the shower and demands her private attention for her to wash her naked body, treating the new girl like some sort of slave and complaining that she is useless and doing it all wrong.  The pledges are at the very mercy of their big sisters but yet all seem to go through the frightening hazing process without any protest so desperate are they to join and become a member.

Male college freshman gets hazed by 3 dominating girls who put on a lesbian show and let him fuck them



This is a little bit different from most of the other hazing videos on this site and instead of a bunch of sorority girls going through their initiation we watch a male freshmen getting hazed into a fraternity.  While these university hazing ceremonies are usually conducted by other fraternity brothers today they have brought in some mean girls who are part of a sistering sorority house to work this fresh meat over.

There is quite a few aspects of female domination on show here where 3 girls tease and humiliate the poor guy but they also put on quite a show for him.  Having him strip naked they ride on his back like a horse and one of the girls even sticks a dummy in his mouth like a little baby.

At girls are quite worked up and really wild so they decide to make a deal with him.  They will put on a lesbian show right in front of him and if he doesn’t get hard then he has the chance to fuck them.  Naturally watching a bunch of sexy college sluts licking pussy and fingering each other live is not the easiest thing to watch and not get excited about but this guys cock stays soft and even though the ladies point at him and laugh and taunt his flacid penis they agree he has earned the right to his reward.

Today this freshman pledge earns his place in the fraternity with his brothers but he also gets to have group sex with a group of sorority girls who beg for him to “fuck him like a man”  Man this video was awesome from one of my favourite college sex sites on the net.

Florida university rush pledges get hosed down in the nude by the pool



Today we got this sorority hazing video from a university in Florida where it can get damm hot so the ladies decided to take their pledges outside by the pool.  Marched down in their bikinis the rush pledges are told what disgusting and dirty sluts they are, how dare they think they girls as filthy as they are could ever be a part of their prestigious sorority.

First things first and its time to hose these dirty sluts down so get your clothes off ladies and lets get a good look at you.  The sisters are not impressed by what they see and think the stench of dirty whore is not coming off with the hose,  Well since the girls look like such dirty sluts we might as well see just what they can do  and the instructions are to fondle each others boobs.

After all the girls get a tit massage the real action starts and they are told to get to fucking.  When one of the ladies seems a bit hesitant her big sorority sisters yells at her “ I said I want you to lick pussy not just play with it”  The poor pledges have no choice but to get down and dirty and put their tongues to use in a desperate attempt to make each other cum.

This haze her submission started out a little slow at first but by the end with all the sorority sluts collapsing in a heap from their lesbian sexual encounter it was clear we had a winning hazing video on out hand.  Congratulations girls and welcome to the sorority, I just hope it was worth it.

Coed rush sale, frat boys buy sorority pledges for a private hazing sex show


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Unfortunately we are unable to divulge which university these hazing videos come from but this was really an amazing submission to the haze her site.  Not only did these coed sluts go all out to win the ten thousand dollar prize from haze her but they came up with a way to make some real quick cash from a neighbouring frat house by conducting their very own rush pledge sale.

With all the excited fraternity boys sitting around the living room the sisters brought in the new pledges to display and the guys were free to bid on them and let me just say some of these girls were fucking hot.  The bidding started slowly but once the ladies took off their dresses things really started to heat up.  The poor pledges were left standing in the room wearing only their panties and looking totally embarrassed then the big sisters brought out a bag and told them its time for the panties to come off.

the embarrassed nude females were totally helpless when some big dildos were produced from the bag and the frat boys went wild in anticipation of the show they were about to see.  Incredibly the bidding went up to $1000+ and the winner was claimed he was now totally broke.

Heading off to a room with 2 of the pledges to claim his prize with one of the other frat guys he definitely got his money worth as the coed rush pledges began to fuck each other with the double ended dong.  The room went silent as the lucky college guys watched in awe as the show unfolded and the cute sorority sluts begged for her fellow pledge to make her cum!

She got her wish and you could see the results of her orgasm when the dildo was removed then it was time to swap so each girl had their turn and no one missed out on any of the sexy fun.  One of the best sorority hazing submissions ive seen for a while adn these girls definitely earned their hard earned cash but perhaps they had just a little bit too much fun in the process.

Haze her – A row of dildos for the rush pledges



This huge group of freshmen pledges have been going through rush week and it hasn’t been easy for them but today things are looking up and they know all they have to do is get through the final testing day and they will be considered full members of the sisterhood and a true party of the sorority.  Little do they know that their big sorority sisters have something extra special in store for them today for their final hurdle on the road to sisterhood.

One of the girls has come up with a fiendish contraption where she has stuck a whole row of dildos on a bench for the rush pledges to ride, its sure to be quite a show and will be the supreme test of courage to see if the new girls really have what it takes to call themselves a sorority girl.

Needless to say the pledges are shocked when they lay eyes on the strange bench and when they are told to strip down they must know exactly what is in store for them.  Its a big group here and there are 8 hopeful ladies that must take their place on the bench as they are told in no uncertain terms to fuck themselves and that’s exactly what they must do, literally! 

Damm all these having rituals always have such a blatant lesbian overtone to them as well as being totally humiliating/  They girls get off together and are told to moan and those who do not put on a good enough show to the satisfaction of their sorority sisters are sent to the corner to lick some pussy.

haze her sorority initiation video with dildos

Haze her video – Dinner is served and pussy is on the menu for a new group of rush pledges



Its going to be a feast tonight for the girls at this sorority house and the table is laid out ready for the girls to eat.  But of course not everyone is equal here yet and the rush pledges are forced to go hungry.  Well that’s not exactly true as they will soon discover they are soon to get a big helping of sorority pussy to eat out.

Its a big group of pledges today who are totally nude and act as the waitress staff and serve all the sorority girls their dinner and also provide the entertainment as the other girls eat.  The college girls continually taunt and harass them till one of the sorority sisters explains that although the pledges had nothing to eat they would get some desert.  Desert consists of eating out some pussy and 2 of the girls bend over the table and drop their panties while the pledges lap up some pussy juice to the shouts of “eat her ass”

This sorority hazing video is out and out lesbian, its just amazing the sort of sjit these girls get up to.  In fact they even take the pledges upstairs and proceed to fuck them with a strap on dong.  By this stage they are wet and ready and the girl getting fucked moans and screams till she is brought to an erotic lesbian orgasm.

Topless college girls exercise in their panties and then wrestle naked


Its not an easy initiation into sorority life for this group of hopeful freshmen girls and I’m sure after the trials they are put through today that some of them will be wondering if its all worth it.  They are literally abducted and have a pillow case placed over their heads so they have no idea what’s happening and are yelled at and mocked the whole time by their sorority sisters.  Driven to an abandoned warehouse the pillow cases are removed and one of the girls gives the new pledges a stern talk about the meaning of what it means to be a part of their sorority.

sexy sorority girls flash their boobs It’s about sisterhood, dedication, honour and loyalty to your sorority.  Its time for the girls to rush and earn their place in the group, to see if they really have what it takes to call themselves a sister.  The poor girls are lined up while another girl comes along and takes of their dress leaving them standing there wearing only their panties and feeling very embarrassed.  They are made to exercise and perform star jumps its its great to watch as their boobs jiggle up and down.

5 college embarrassed girls wearing only panties Its then time to get those panties off and all the girls meekly submit undressing and standing completely naked they are told to perform some squats in the nude!  Wow  The thing is this nude hazing is only just starting and soon teh girls will be wrestling naked and even performing degrading sex acts on each other all for the amusement of the big sisters!  Great stuff and a quality submission to haze her!